About Me

Who am I?

If you're looking for someone to create your site from imagination to deployment, you've come to the right place. My name is Rachel and I am a self-taught web designer and developer. I've worked for startups in the entertainment and non-profit sectors, and I currently work freelance as a Ruby on Rails developer and Wordpress website builder. I am also passionate about making coding education accessible to all, an interest that began with my work as a coding advisor through Codecademy.

But why programming?

To me, web design is more than just a job. I started this career because I wanted to build my own business, but it turns out that my business is helping other people build theirs. My philosophy is centered around discovering the unique something my clients have to offer the world and representing it in digital form. I also try to make the process as much of a collaboration as possible so you aren't just hiring a remote contractor - you're hiring someone who believes in your message.

Your website should showcase the best side of you and your work, and I always look for the best in people.

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I am very proud of the wide range of projects I've worked on. No matter what your company does, I am ready to translate your needs into vibrant, modern web design.

For the Love of Good

For the Love of Good

I am currently the lead developer and project manager for For the Love of Good, a revolutionary charity start-up that brings together celebrities, sponsors and charities to provide rewards to fans in exchange for donations. I designed and coded the full-stack Ruby on Rails application.

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The Launch Pad

Before Love of Good, I was part of the Rails development team that redesigned the Launch Pad website from the ground up. I spearheaded several projects for the site including the alumni database, a massive user import and a three-page checkout process with full Stripe integration.

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Allison Sampson

I redesigned the personal portfolio website for Allison, a management consultant looking to update and modernize her brand. I heavily customized a WordPress theme to highlight her many accomplishments and used her site as a way to highlight her professional reboot.

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Colburn Foundation

For the Colburn Foundation, I created a custom-built HTML template website designed to look similar to their previous site, but upgraded to a modern, maintainable site. The design is built with Flexbox and JS, so it is fully mobile-friendly and easy to update.

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What Can I Do For You?

  • Ruby & Ruby on Rails full-stack app development
  • HTML5/CSS/Bootstrap with mobile optimization
  • WordPress site design and customization
  • PostgreSQL database creation and management
  • Application testing
  • Junior-level Elixir & Phoenix development

  • Strong collaborator and communicator
  • Project management and milestone targeting experience
  • Logo and branding design & consultation
  • Graphic design, images, user-facing design implementation
  • Extensive experience with Git-based team workflow
  • Available for local or remote collaboration
  • ... also a pretty good cook.

Let's Talk!

I am currently accepting new clients for website design and Ruby on Rails contracting work. I also offer FREE consultations for potential new clients.

Please reach out via email or visit my social sites for more information.